SCANDIFORM – with slot

Round with 3 slots

Embedding mould for printed circuit boards and thin sheet

SCAN-DIA offers a comprehensive range of silicon rubber embedding moulds. SCANDIFORMS are highly flexible and absolutely dimensionally stable. Cured samples can be easily released without residual contamination. There is no need to grease the mould. After each use, the SCANDIFORM can immediately be reused over and over again.

Please note: When using different SCAN-DIA casting resins, the embedding moulds should be assigned. Differing durabilities should be considered. With polyester resin such as SCANDIPLAST, the mould life is several thousand embeddings. With acrylic resin such as SCANDIQUICK, it is approx. 100 embeddings, and with epoxy resin, such as SCANDIPLEX, it is approx. 25-30 embeddings.

Inside Ø 32 x 20 mm in heightSlot 1 mm5 piecesItem no. 91228
Inside Ø 32 x 15 mm in heightSlot 2 mm5 piecesItem no. 91229
Inside Ø 38 x 20 mm in heightSlot 3 mm5 piecesItem no. 91239
Productphoto scandiform with slot

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