Hardness regulator

AEQUIDUR adjusts the hardness and provides for high precision samples with high edge retention. It adjusts the mounting resin's hardness to the sample hardness and reliably prevents any relief formation.

Type S – hardness regulator soft – for copper, aluminium, etc.

AEQUIDUR Type S100 gItem no. 09130
AEQUIDUR Type S250 gItem no. 09132

Type M – hardness regulator medium – for steels

AEQUIDUR Type M100 gItem no. 09140
AEQUIDUR Type M250 gItem no. 09142

Type H – hardness regulator hard – for carbides etc.

AEQUIDUR Type H100 gItem no. 09150
AEQUIDUR Type H250 gItem no. 09152

AEQUIDUR – dosing aid

AEQUIDUR dosing aid1 setItem no. 09160
Productphoto aequidur
Productphoto aequidur 2

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