This self-adhesive lapping film allows for best results in terms of flatness of the sample surface.

It is available in two types:

Type H is suitable for polishing harder materials such as composite materials, steels, ceramics, or bronzes, whereas type S is ideal for polishing softer materials such as aluminium and copper alloys or brass.

Type H – blue identification marking

PLAN-DISC Ø 200 mm1 pieceItem no. 02221
PLAN-DISC Ø 250 mm1 pieceItem no. 02223
PLAN-DISC Ø 300 mm1 pieceItem no. 02224

Type S – green identification marking

PLAN-DISC Ø 200 mm1 pieceItem no. 02231
PLAN-DISC Ø 250 mm1 pieceItem no. 02233
PLAN-DISC Ø 300 mm1 pieceItem no. 02234
Product Photo plan-disc

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