Polishing agent for manual and semi-automatic polishing

This DIAMOND PASTE was particularly designed for materialographic application. It is a very economical and highly concentrated polishing agent that comes with a convenient nylon syringe. It is suitable for manual and semi-automatic polishing. The paste is soluble in alcohol, oil, and water. The SCAN-DIA range of DIAMOND PASTES comes in extremely narrow grain size tolerances.

Type M - 10 g

DIAMOND PASTE 0,25 µ 10 gItem no. 01106
DIAMOND PASTE 1 µ 10 g Item no. 01116
DIAMOND PASTE 3 µ 10 g Item no. 01126
DIAMOND PASTE 6 µ 10 gItem no. 01246
DIAMOND PASTE 15 µ 10 g Item no. 01256
DIAMOND PASTE 30 µ 10 g Item no. 01266
DIAMOND PASTE 50 µ 10 g Item no. 01276
Product Photo diamond paste

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