The diamond pre-grinding disc achieves particularly good results with hard materials. The diamond abrasive grits are considerably harder than SiC. Diamond pre-grinding discs have a 2 mm diamond coating. Therefore, compared to SiC papers or diamond pre-grinding films, very long service lives are achieved. Grinding with this diamond pre-grinding disc is rapid and economical. Troublesome replacement of grinding papers becomes unnecessary.

Ø 200 mm

Grit size 90 µ1 pieceItem no. 39951
Grit size 60 µ1 pieceItem no. 39952
Grit size 45 µ1 pieceItem no. 39953 
Grit size 25 µ1 pieceItem no. 39954
Grit size 15 µ1 pieceItem no. 39955

Ø 250 mm

Grit size 90 µ1 pieceItem no. 39956
Grit size 60 µ1 pieceItem no. 39957
Grit size 45 µ1 pieceItem no. 39958 
Grit size 25 µ1 pieceItem no. 39959
Grit size 15 µ1 pieceItem no. 39960

Ø 300 mm

Grit size 90 µ1 piece Item no. 39961
Grit size 60 µ1 piece Item no. 39962
Grit size 45 µ1 pieceItem no. 39963 
Grit size 25 µ1 piece Item no. 39964
Grit size 15 µ1 piece Item no. 39965
Product photo diamond pre grinding disc

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