Grinding and polishing machines – single turntable

SCAN-DIA grinding and polishing machines come with a powder coated metal housing. The disc's speed is continuously variable between 40-600 rpm. Moreover, the devices come with a water supply and water drain, automatic water shut-off as well as a splash ring and cover. The devices are equipped with a control panel with membrane keypad.


SCANDIMATIC 33065 features:

  • Automatic grinding and polishing of up to 3 samples 
  • 5-35 N single pressure on each sample 
  •  Integrated automatic sample holder for 1-3 samples with Ø 40 mm 
  •  Adjustable water supply Continuously variable disc speed (40-600 rpm) 
  • Space saving and easy to use
SCANDIMATIC 33065Item no. 33065 
Product photo Scandimatic 33065

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