Diamond Cut-Off Wheel

Diamond Cut-off Wheel

What makes a high quality diamond cut-off wheel?

Cut-off wheels with appropriate coatings are required in order to successfully cut samples of different hardness and quality. A precise and economical cutting step has an impact on the success of the overall sample preparation process. Besides the choice of a suitable cutting machine, the use of a high quality diamond cut-off wheel is vitally important for a successful and clean cutting process. Cutting very hard samples using a diamond cut-off wheel is a central and frequently performed preparation step in materialography. Wet cutting using a diamond cut-off wheel is the preferred method as it protects the material from overheating. Properties and quality of the diamond cut-off wheel are important factors during this process and contribute significantly to the quality of the cut sample. A diamond cut-off wheel is particularly suitable for the cutting of very hard non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, copper, ceramic materials and brass. The proper use of a high quality diamond cut-off wheel ensures that the sample meets all the requirements in practice. It is the basis for all subsequent preparation steps.


Successful cutting using the SCAN-DIA Diamond Cut-off Wheel


The company SCAN-DIA offers its customers a variety of cut-off wheels for materialographic applications. The product range includes: CBN cut-off wheels, SIC cut-off wheels, diamond cut-off wheels as well as general purpose cut-off wheels for non-ferrous materials. The SCAN-DIA Diamond Cut-off Wheel is particularly suited for hard non-ferrous materials. This cut-off wheel easily cuts brass, copper and aluminium. In addition to that, it is also perfectly suited to cut composites and ceramic materials. SCAN-DIA Diamond Cut-off Wheels provide extremely clean cut sample surfaces. This facilitates subsequent materialographic work processes. Such as all working materials used in the materialographic practice, the diamond cut-off wheel is also subject to natural wear and tear. Therefore, SCAN-DIA offers a specific sharpening stone which serves to dress metal-bonded CBN or diamond cut-off wheels. The SCAN-DIA Diamond Cut-off Wheel is available in different sizes (Ø 100, Ø 125 and Ø 150 mm) so that samples of various sizes can be easily cut.